Melbet Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and is highly favored by local players. You can bet on it with the best odds and follow the live broadcasts of top matches in Melbet. The most popular among Indian bettors are the national championships like IPL – they come with high coefficients and brilliant conditions for making sports predictions.

Cricket betting odds at Melbet India

Types of Cricket

Cricket is an extremely popular team sport. Today there are 3 types of competitions in this discipline:

  • First-class. Matches last 3, 4, or 5 days with pauses. This format is called Test Matches; they are usually held between national teams. It is considered the slowest cricket format;
  • T20. Such matches do not last long. The T20 format is becoming increasingly popular in India and the world at large. To complete a match in T20, a team must complete 2 innings. On average, a match lasts no more than 3.5 hours. By the way, the IPL is held in the T20 format;
  • One-Day Matches (ODIs). Teams try to win during the day, but the match rarely exceeds 50 overs.

About cricket match types on Melbet

Types of Cricket Bets

Indian players of Melbet can place different bets of 3 types: single, accumulator, and series. There are also hundreds of betting markets for cricket matches. Depending on how prestigious the tournament is, the number of sports markets can expand. In general, cricket in India is characterized by this selection of sports markets:

  • Match winner;
  • Handicaps;
  • Totals;
  • Top batsman/Bowler.

One of the important features of cricket that Indian players need to remember is that there is never a draw. That is, if you bet on 1×2, you can bet only on the victory of one of the teams. You should also remember that the matches are quite unpredictable. Therefore, if the odds on a particular team to win are low, you can try betting on the opponent and have a chance for a massive winning.

What bets can be placed on a cricket match at Melbet

What are cricket odds?

Melbet cricket odds are special coefficients that are linked to various match results. They demonstrate how much an Indian bettor can win by betting on these results. For example, if you bet 100 INR on a Delhi Capitals to win Punjab Kings for the 2.2 odds, then you get 220 INR if the bet is successful.

What are the odds for cricket matches at Melbet bookmaker

How to use cricket odds?

If you are going to bet on cricket in Melbet India, study the team information, statistics, lineups, main players, bookmakers’ odds, and other information before the match. Some more important tips to help Indian bettors:

  • Carefully study the location of the match between the teams. Pay special attention to climatic and field conditions;
  • Evaluate the sports markets and bookmaker’s odds, always analyze statistics, and choose the best options;
  • Understand the format of the cricket match to know when your bet will be settled.

How to use odds at Melbet bookmaker when betting on cricket

How you can calculate cricket odds?

Indian bettors who bet in Melbet can take advantage of different odds. The most popular ones are fractional, American, and decimal.

Fractional Odds

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds, such as 5/2, are popular in English-speaking countries. They can be profitable: if you bet on a cricket team with coefficients of 3/1 for 1,000 Indian rupees, it means you can get 3,000 INR if you succeed. But this is not the best option for inexperienced bettors because there is a risk of getting confused, so be cautious.

Decimal Odds

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds like 2.1 are easy to understand for inexperienced Indian bettors. If you bet 100 INR on a cricket team with odds of 5.3, you can win 530 INR. Decimal odds also show which team is the clear favorite in a match.

American Odds

American Odds

American coefficients, for example, +350, come with a “-” and “+” sign. They are used equally often by experienced bettors and beginners. Positive odds like +244 indicate how much you can win with a 100 INR stake, while negative odds like -393 show the sum you need to bet to win INR 100.


Betting on cricket in Melbet can bring Indian players both losses and big winnings. In order not to lose and bet profitably, always study the odds and sports markets, and take into account statistics, team characteristics, climate, field conditions, and other factors. This will help minimize mistakes.

Melbet cricket betting odds conclusions


Why are the odds on the match favorite lower than on an outsider?

The coefficients are lower because the probability of the favorite winning is higher. Therefore, you’ll be able to win less money if betting on this team.

How do field conditions and climate affect the outcome of a match when you bet on cricket?

If a team is poorly adjusted to the stadium’s conditions or adverse weather, it could immensely affect its performance and match results.

What is the feature of Melbet cricket betting?

The standout feature is that you can’t bet on a draw. Also, favorites very rarely lose.