Melbet Responsible Gaming

Melbet India is an officially registered and licensed bookmaker. Therefore, the company complies with all international and Indian laws and also takes an active part in developing the industry. For example, it promotes the principles of responsible gambling among registered bettors. Melbet strives to ensure that all players feel comfortable and safe on the official site and mobile app and are not subject to the negative influence of gambling.

The management of Melbet reminds users that betting and gambling are just a way to have fun, gain experience, and make new acquaintances. They should not consider this as a way to make money or solve problems. Therefore, the company’s employees conduct active information work, offer players to use self-control tools, give valuable advice, and provide professional assistance.

Responsible gambling on Melbet India

Restriction of minors

Melbet India’s services are not available to minors. Employees of the company carefully check compliance with this rule and check each new user. Therefore, all newbies must provide documents that confirm their age.

The company does not use tools or advertising that are aimed at attracting underage players. In addition, it does not misrepresent information about services and warns about existing risks.

If an adult is a Melbet user and has children, then they should store their profile login information in a safe place. Parents can also install a special filter program in the browser that will hide unwanted content.

If a minor has accessed the site or Melbet app and the company has accidentally collected their personal data, then you must immediately report this to customer support. The management of Melbet will do everything possible to remove such information as quickly as possible.

Age restrictions at Melbet bookmaker for residents of India

How to control the game?

Being mindful of the game significantly increases the effectiveness of the experience while reducing the likelihood of addiction. To do this, users must remember some nuances:

  • Once you begin to feel that your behavior is changing due to gambling, then you should take a break and take action to eliminate the symptoms of addiction;
  • Before creating a profile with the bookmaker, the user must understand how this industry works, and what its primary features and principles are;
  • Before placing a bet, the bettor must make sure that they clearly know and understand all the rules of the game;
  • The user should always monitor how much time and money they spend;
  • The player should not hesitate to ask for help if problems arise.

Control process when playing on the Melbet website

Useful tips

Melbet can help Indian players control the game, but all efforts must come from users. Therefore, the company suggests familiarizing yourself with some effective tips and putting them into practice:

  • Do not consider gambling as a way to solve financial problems;
  • Remember that betting is a way to have fun and gain new knowledge;
  • If you lose, do not try to win back at any cost;
  • Set a deposit limit for the day, week, or month to better control your spending;
  • Spend only your money deposited with your bank cards and payment accounts. Do not borrow money from relatives or friends for bets;
  • Make sure you spend enough time with family and friends;
  • Find a balance between hobbies and gambling;
  • Do not visit the site or mobile app of Melbet in a bad mood or while intoxicated;
  • Use the self-exclusion service if you want to take a break from gaming.

Tips for playing safely at Melbet India